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X-iser Personal Model X-iser Personal Model

   Burst To Blast Fat With Burst Training!   

How Does Burst Training Really Work?


You can greatly increase your metabolism and lose weight by exercising in short intervals (20 – 60 seconds) at a high intensity where the demand for oxygen is much higher than can be supplied. This type of exercising (Burst Training) creates a debt of oxygen in just one minute. As you resume normal activities, your body will replay that debt of oxygen. This repayment of debt means that your body burns extra calories throughout the day without any additional workout time


Why Use The X-iser To Burst Train?

The X-iser Personal Model™ was engineered to ensure correct hip and knee alignment, providing an optimal, impact free workout. The hands-free design promotes the development of stabilizer muscles and correct posture, thus improving balance. Stepping on the X-iser is like doing multiple one-legged squats on both legs at the same time. This creates a great demand on the muscles because there is no rest period for the muscles during stepping. This type of exercise (Burst Training) challenges both aerobic and anaerobic systems at the same time. That is why the X-iser can produce such a wide range of benefits in as little as 12 minutes per week and is safe and effective for everybody.

The New Revolution

Burst Training is now the wave of the future and time is no longer your excuse. Get the exercise you need in as little as 4 minutes a day on the X-iser.

Benefits Of 4+ Minutes Per Day
Burn Fat and Calories. No impact on Joints or Back.
Increase Endurance. Help Lower Blood Pressure.
Strengthen Muscles. Improve Balance.
Help Balance Hormones.  
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Unique Features

  • Adjustable Resistance Settings.
  • Aircraft Cast Aluminum Alloy (unit will never rust).
  • Can Hold Up To A 400 Pound Person.
  • Specially Patented Hydraulic System.
  • Silent and Smooth Operation.
  • Completely Portable (weighs only 14 lbs).
  • Extremely Versatile (you can work core and upper body as well).


Before the X-iser I never worked out because I hated spending hours a day doing it. I started with the X-iser in November of 2006 I became addicted to the 4 minute a day workout. It fit into my schedule and I was amazed by my results. By February of 2007 I had lost 26lbs of fat and added 5lbs of muscles. I am now at 13% body fat and am thinner than I was in high school. I love this machine.

Jonas Joiner, Irving Texas

The X-iser is the next generation of smart, intelligent equipment that really delivers on its promise to produce real results in minimum time. It's not a gimmick and it's not a scam. It's real, it's effective, it's based on sound science, and I'm a huge fan!

Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS
Author "150 Healthiest Foods on Earth" & "Living the Low Carb Life"

Anyone who tells you "4 minutes a day to fitness" is too-good- to-be-true doesn't know what they're talking about. Once the X-iser was explained to me, I had to try it myself. Throw away the late-night infomercial crap that's been sitting in the closet all these years. Get rid of excuses about not being able to get in the gym. The X-iser was the antidote to my couch-potato exercise ethic, and the X-iser is here, I believe, to save obese America. Would you give less than 20 minutes a week to regain health?

Dixon Wiles – The New You Show on 105.3 Free FM – Dallas, Texas

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