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Functional Health Risk Assessment Package


Great News! Now you can tailor your supplements to your unique biochemistry and body type. The Light Living Customized Metabolic/Vitamin Test can be purchased here. Thousands of patients at our clinic have asked us about functional health care testing. This is the state of the art urine and saliva testing that helps you detect imbalanced in your health, years before symptoms and serious illness develops.  These tests are used at leading clinics in Europe and worldwide. They have only been available at a high price and to a select few.  Go ahead and purchase today...

SPECIAL BUNDLED OFFER: Get a bundled deal (test & consultation) at a huge discount.  You can now have the LLP™ Functional Metabolic Test & Health Risk Assessment and a 60 minute test-interpretation consultation with Christine Rosche, MPH, CNS, for $497 (Normally $697).

LLP™ Consultation, LLP™ Functional Metabolic Test And Health Risk Assessment, By Phone Or Onsite, 60 Min. $497 (Normally $697).

Now with the joint effort of one of the leading U.S. laboratories, we have developed the Light Living Metabolic/Vitamin Test. This is a one-time at home test that is shipped to you with all instructions. Its easy to do and you get a detailed report in the mail along with your first month's supply of Light Living Custom Essential Vitamins and Minerals. You can keep the report and do the test only or continue with the vitamin shipments -- it's up to you.

Light Livings's Metabolic Test opens an accurate, scientific window into an individual's personal biochemistry by looking at the body's natural waste fluids. It determines the status of nutritional health and the body's natural ability to detoxify itself by measuring metabolic markers in three critical areas:

Urinary Lipid Peroxides: To evaluate antioxidant protection against oxidant stress and cellular damage.
Urinary Sulfates: To evaluate detoxification ability of the liver to remove bodily wastes as well as environmental carcinogens and other toxins.
Urinary Nitrates: To evaluate nitric oxide levels, which are directly related to immune, vascular and nervous system regulation.


Research has shown that poor or altered function in these areas may be the root cause of many health challenges. By reading them, the test can tell where - and how much or how little - nutritional support is needed for optimal health. Cutting-edge science means quality. Light Living's Metabolic Test was developed by a team of PhDs, biochemists, registered nurses, and clinical nutritionists at a lab that specializes in metabolic Functional Health Risk Assessment Sample Profile testing for physicians. The lab is licensed to accept specimens from every state in the USA, and is regularly inspected by the Department of Health and Human Services for CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) licensing, and by the Georgia Department of Human Resources for its Clinical Laboratory License.

At a breakthrough price, this is an amazing deal. Until now, this kind of scientifically customized nutritional testing was only available to wealthy celebrities and professional and Olympic athletes. A typical panel of nutritional and metabolic tests could retail for up to $700 - a cost that was prohibitive for most people. And a customized vitamin blend could cost over $200.00 per month. Now, everyone can enjoy the proven health benefits of customized nutrition based on scientific metabolic testing for a fraction of the cost.

You have the option of only the doing the test or doing the test and receiving the customized vitamin mineral blend each month.

Feedback from thousands of patients at our clinic has shown that they prefer customized supplements over other vitamins and minerals.

You re-test each year and receive a detailed health status report.

Order now or call us to order your kit. 650-856-3151

LLP™ Consultation, LLP™ Functional Metabolic Test And Health Risk Assessment, By Phone Or Onsite, 60 Min. $497 (Normally $697).

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