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Supplements Light Living Program™ Workbook
Functional Health Risk Assessment
LLP™ PreMeal Beverage
Pure Encapsulations™ ProBiotic 5
Designs For Health™ L-Carnitine Synergy
Pure Encapsulations™ L-Glutamine
Pure Encapsulations™ EPA/DHA Essentials
Kirkman™ Enzyme Complete
HeartMath® emWave® Desktop
HeartMath® emWave® PSR (Personal Stress Reliever)
X-iser Personal Model™

The Light Living Program™ Nutritional Support Program is designed to provide the nutrients you need to control appetite, stop cravings and maintain your body chemistry at optimal levels. The following supplements have been used by thousands of patients with great results and are highly recommend by our clinic doctors. They are the highest quality natural products and contain no artificial ingredients or stimulants/diet pills of any kind (no Ma-Huang or Ephedra-like substances).  In Week One of your program, begin with the PreMeal Protein Shake and the L-Glutamine capsules (if you crave sugar/carbohydrates).  After a week on the program, you will experience immediate results. Add the L-Carnitine capsules for maximum fat burning after weeks 3 of the program and the Ultra-Nutrients.

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