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Introducing The Light Living Program™ (LLP™) Workbook
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Dear Friends:

At last, the Light Living Program™ is in a self-study workbook that you can order online.  I know that you are visiting this web site because you are ready to make changes in your health, your weight, and your life. I know that you have been through many diets and programs that have not produced lasting results.  You are frustrated by the endless options available to help you lose the weight and keep it off permanently. Most of my clients have tried 10 or more weight loss programs without achieving lasting results. I know that this is the time for you and that you are ready to lose your weight and lose it permanently.  How do I know this? I know this because I too have lost weight, changed my eating habits, and improved my health permanently through the Light Living Program™.  I've helped hundreds of individuals do the same thing through my private practice.

I wanted to find a safe, effective system that showed me how to lose the weight safely and lead the way for permanent weight loss success.  If this is what you've been looking for, then you've come to the right place.  My name is Christine Rosche, MPH, CNS, I am a nutritionist, certified medical hypnotherapist, clinical biofeedback therapist, and the author of the Light Living Program™ Workbook.  I have developed the Light Living Program™ based on my personal experience with thousands of clients in weight loss clinics and in my own private practice.  Twenty years ago I taught hundreds of clients at major universities, corporations and clinics the latest behavioral techniques for weight loss. My clients were receiving good results while attending the class and losing weight and yet something was still missing.  Then, while working in a multidisciplinary healthcare clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area, I discovered the crucial missing links that changed my life and my clients lives forever.

I developed the biochemical testing and the active imagination/guided imagery components of the Light Living Program™. I added information on the unique foods and nutritional supplements that are necessary to balance your body chemistry, unique only to you, to stop cravings and compulsive eating forever and lead to greater health and well-being at all levels, permanently!  Thus, I had founded and developed the only, new and improved, program available nationally that addresses the physical, biochemical, and emotional issues as well as offering unique testing methods that quickly shows you exactly what your body needs for lasting weight and health changes.  I know that you are concerned not just about taking the pounds off quickly but  also concerned with maintaining your weight, your overall health, and performing at top efficiency in all levels of your life.  If you want to obtain a youthful healthy appearance and look many years younger than your age, I've found the solution to what you've been searching for. 

"I used to be on the diet yo-yo, putting it back on faster than ever. I used to eat too much, stuffing emotional things away with food. With the LLP™ Workbook, I dealt with my diet/food problems honestly for the first time. I have an overall better feeling about myself now. I lost 30 pounds several years ago with this program and have kept it off. I feel this is a lifetime change. This is one of the best things that has happened to me in my life."

B.B., Editor/Writer

After proven, lasting weight-loss success with thousands of patients for 10 years at this clinic, I added several more components to make this the most comprehensive and effective weight loss-program on the market today.  I found that each person has a unique biochemical and metabolic body type. This type has unique cravings and needs specific foods and supplements to turn off the cravings and turn on the fat burning mechanisms easily, naturally, and permanently.  I studied many systems and tried them myself until I found the ones that have allowed me to eat the foods I love, without dieting and deprivation. And eating this way has doubled my energy and made me look younger and feel healthier than ever. My sports performance has improved by 100% as a result of eating according to the Light Living Program™ Body Type System.  Through the Light Living Program™ you can have a balanced, healthy body, high energy levels, vibrant and youthful appearance, and look many years younger than your age. The Light Living Program™ is the gateway to a younger, healthier, and more vibrant body than you've ever experienced.

Before doing the program, I always had several colds and flu's a year, and very low energy. Now, I wake up with high energy that is maintained throughout my day, have never missed a day of work and have eliminated my sore throats and other physical symptoms.  In addition to losing the weight permanently, I had a quantum shift in my own health.  It's now time to stop doing what doesn't work!  I know that you have tried many different programs, diet doctors, diet pills, shots and other weight loss systems. You may have used starvation diets or deprived yourself through fasts of various kinds. This actually can lead to a greater weight gain after the fasting or dieting was stopped.  You may have used medically supervised weight loss systems that worked for a while, with shots and pills, and then found that your health and energy levels were compromised by the systems. You may have used various exercise and other programs with few permanent results.  How many times have you seen those ads or talked to a friend who has tried one or more of those approaches only to find that they did not work and that they were just a quick-fix that lasted a very short time before the weight went back on.  What went wrong? Are all these things ineffective or even scams?  Not necessarily, it's just that these programs and approaches never addressed the real issues, the underlying issues that are so important to address when you want to lose weight permanently and increase your health and well-being at the same time.

If these underlying issues such as health, metabolic and biochemical imbalances are not addressed, then no diet, no pill, no eating program and no exercise program will get you to the weight you are meant to be—your permanent, healthy weight, unique to your body type and biochemical makeup.  Diets can actually slow down your metabolism, burn off lean body mass (muscle), making it much more difficult for your body to keep the weight off and even harder to lose the weight the next time.  Diets also do not treat the underlying causes of why people are overweight and unhealthy.

  • Do you diet only to regain the weight?
  • Do you eat when you are not hungry?
  • Do you crave sugar and refined carbohydrates or starches and fats?
  • Do you know what to do, but do not do it?
  • Have you tried many programs with no permanent results?

If the answer is yes, then it's time to discover the underlying physical, biochemical and emotional causes of why you eat inappropriately and/or gain weight. Its time to change from the inside out and use the new and improved, proven tools I have developed, including your custom-tailored nutritional/supplement program for your unique metabolic body type to achieve lasting, permanent results and become the person you know you can be. This is the most comprehensive and effective program for change available anywhere and ....its easy!

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