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What Makes This Program Unique

What makes The LLP™ Workbook unique? There are several things that make this program unique.  The LLP™ Workbook is about creating a healthy lifestyle. In the basic LLP™ Workbook (12-week module) you will learn to easily burn body fat by choosing healthy foods and supplements that are part of a custom-tailored nutritional plan.  This plan is designed for your unique metabolic body type. It is based on your own biochemistry and the results obtained from your metabolic profile included in the course.  This is a custom-tailored program that works because it is designed for you and your individual needs. The course will help you determine what foods and supplements are best for your body type, individual needs, lifestyle and preferences.  The focus is on changing habits from the inside out. We know by now that working from the outside in never works.  You burn fat while feeling healthy, satisfied, eating the foods that are right for you.  Your exercise plan is based on your metabolic make-up and is tailored to you. 

"I have lost twenty pounds and have kept it off for over a year. I have released more than just weight. I have let go of using food as a protection and I am willing to let in more love, more inner peace. I have changed old attitudes and beliefs. Since doing this program it's easy for me to live an active lifestyle--something I never thought I could do."

C. P., Personal Financial Consultant

You do exercises that you look forward to and that help you lose weight quickly and easily.  You will not be weighed in or judged. You are accepted as you are and get positive support as you learn from your experience and create a healthy lifestyle.  Through the use of the guided imagery/hypnosis tapes you discover where the emotional urges to eat come from, release them and learn to get your needs met in more satisfying ways.  The urges and cravings that have sabotaged your success in the past will fade away.  You will become partners with your body, learning to "tune-in" to your body's signals, eating when you are hungry and stopping when your body is satisfied.  You will get the tools and motivation to increase your metabolism. You'll build lean body mass to burn calories and be light and healthy. 

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