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What does the new, improved LLP™ Workbook cover?  The manual contains 12 modules, each with its own audio CD material, over 400 pages of the latest information on how to be healthy and light naturally, without dieting and deprivation. Here is the Table of Contents and a snapshot of what each chapter covers:

Chapter 1 - Welcome To The Light Living Program
Overview of the Comprehensive Lifestyle Change Program designed to help you achieve your optimal health, weight, and well-being goals. In-depth Self-Assessment of personal history, eating patterns, food choices, stress/emotions and movement.

Chapter 2 - Motivation, Goals And Commitment
How to make lasting changes through accessing and motivating the subconscious mind. Defining your goals and formula for success. Awareness and self-assessment exercises on motivation, goals, commitment for lasting changes. How to take responsibility and avoid the 10 most common thinking traps.

Chapter 3 - Nutrition For A Fat Burning Metabolism
How food intake affects your metabolism and the hidden risks of Low-Fat Dieting; The 7 most important factors in permanent weight loss, including information on the glycemic index, how gluten affects your health and your weight, the role of food allergies in weight management, the most important nutrition factors for a light, healthy body.

Chapter 4 - Working With Your Metabolic Body Type
How to use the three most important systems of metabolic typing to achieve lasting and permanent change in your health and your weight. How to determine your metabolic body type and the best nutrition and exercise tips for your unique biochemistry. Ideal Eating Plan and Total Body Exercises for a lighter, more flexible metabolism

Chapter 5 - Taking Care of Your Body-Optimal Nutrition For Your Biochemistry: Your Light Living Program™ Lifestyle Eating And Supplement Plan
Learn the 10 most important ingredients of permanent weight loss. How to determine what size meal is right for you. The Light Living Program™ Daily Food Intake Guide, Menus and Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Eating at Restaurants and The Light Living Program™ Lifestyle Supplement Plan

Chapter 6 - Metabolism
How to activate your metabolism and develop your fitness program based on your unique Metabolic Body Type. Recommended heart rates for activating your metabolism. Personal Activity Activation: 10 day Plan. Affirmations for Motivation: Affirmacize.

Chapter 7 - Managing Blood Sugar Levels And Hunger Levels
How to avoid the 4 key substances for lasting blood sugar stability. How to tune into your hunger levels and use guided imagery for lasting behavioral changes. How to create your Success Image and Great Expectations

Chapter 8 - Handling Stress
How to release negative attitudes and coping styles and learn to manage stress effectively. Learn the 4 most important Stress-Releasing Techniques and Exercises. Daily Stress Evaluation

Chapter 9 - Healing Emotional Eating
Self-Assessment Emotional Eating Patterns. How to use your inner resources to heal unresolved pain and food associations from the past. How to stay in communication with your inner team for lasting change and success.

Chapter 10 - Accepting And Loving Your Body
Self-Assessment Exercises on how to make friends with your body. How to experience loving your body and build a Better Body Image: One Step At a Time. Drawing and Dialoging with your body from the Right Side of Your Brain

Chapter 11 - Success Strategies: Permanent Weight Management
Powerful Exercises for new habit patterns and desired results. Your Positive Belief Statement and the importance of an ongoing support team. How to establish permanent lifestyle changes.

Chapter 12 - Maintaining Your Success And Staying on Track
How to establish your short, intermediate and long-term goals. The 6 most powerful ways to maintain your success and stay on track. How to use self-talk and mental rehearsal to cope with potentially difficult situations. Tools for Your Inner Team and how to Sustain Your Success.

The manual includes many references and resources including cookbooks section and important web sites, The Metabolic Typing Checklist, self-tests, recipes and important forms and materials. Its almost like having your own private nutritionist and weight management specialist, right in your own home.  This is an interactive workbook with many practical exercises in each section. The audiocassette tapes complement the workbook and contain powerful guided imagery exercises and tools.

"When I found your manual, I had tried most diet programs and books. I found your home study system to be very user friendly. In just 6 short weeks I was eating and exercising regularly, according to my metabolic body type. I had lost 15 pounds and felt more energetic than in 5 years! Its easy to follow your guidelines because they are designed for me and my unique lifestyle. Your custom tailored program is working for me each day and I feel healthy and light, without dieting and deprivation."

Janine Hoffman, Palo Alto, California

In addition, the new and improved LLP™ Workbook includes for 2008 the new and improved fourth edition, 406-page self-paced workbook along with 4 hypnosis/guided imagery audio CDs.  It is designed to take you step by step through this new and improved course that contains all the information you need to get started and on the road to success.  The 4 audio CDs provide you with powerful guided imagery exercises and hypnotherapy for lasting results. The material on the tapes is designed to be used along with the workbook.  After the 12 week course, you will be given the option of participating in the 9-month advanced course focusing on achieving optimal health, wellness, and greater productivity in all areas of your life as well as anti-aging benefits. This course will be offered in the form of telecourses as well as live seminars in various locations.

"Thank you for helping me discover my path to "Light Living." I have tried many weight-loss programs, but none seemed to be able to turn around my weight gain over the last ten years. I had gone from a healthy 140 pounds to 200 pounds! And even more distressing, I was well on my way to Type 2 Diabetes. I couldn't imagine living without candies and four Diet Cokes per day. After six months on your program, I have replaced fat with muscle, have lost a significant amount of weight and fifteen inches off my hips and waist."

Bonnie Johnson - Manager

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