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How To Use The Course

Here are the many ways you can use the LLP™ Workbook:

  • Use it as a complete health and nutrition course for permanent weight management. Each chapter is interactive and with its own audiocassette program, enabling you to develop and implement your own healthy lifestyle course. Each chapter has many interactive exercises to help you achieve your goals. Just print out one chapter at a time.
  • Use it as a reference manual in conjunction with a dietary counseling program, nutrition class, or fitness program.  Whether you are enrolled in a fitness program, health club, or working with a nutritionist or physician, the LLP™ Workbook can help you put all the pieces together and stay on track, for permanent healthy weight loss and lifestyle changes. It is a great adjunct and reference manual for any health and fitness program.
  • If you are a healthcare professional, please call our office to learn about using this manual in conjunction with your treatment program or courses for your patients.

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