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Program Investment

Hard Copy And CD Version: The hard copy of the manual enables you to read it offline, make notes in the margins, and refer to it whenever you want. This version also includes the 4 powerful hypnosis/guided imagery audio CDs.

Online PDF Version: You can access the manual from anywhere on the Internet, from any computer, or you can download it to your desktop, print it out and read it when you're not online. The online version includes includes 2 to 4 powerful hypnosis/guided imagery audio CD downloads.

Most of my private clients also get our complete Nutritional Support Package that helps reduce cravings, increase energy levels, decrease appetite and increase fat burning. This package includes Light Living Program™ PreMeal Beverage, Carnitine Synergy Capsules, L-Glutamine Capsules and Ultra-Nutrient Multi-Vitamins and Mineral Complex. You can read more and purchase from here.  To start, what we most strongly recommend to help curb appetite is the Light Living Program™ PreMeal Beverage which can also be found here.

I understand that the course comes with a money back guarantee. Get the course, follow the weekly lessons, listen to the CDs and apply what you've learned. Once you have completed the 12-week program and you feel you have not received more than your money's worth, we will happily refund your complete purchase price.   If you would prefer to order this program by telephone, please call our office today.

LLP™ Workbook & Hypnosis/Guided Imagery Audio CDs
Buy Book Format Included CDs Included Chapters Price
Hardcopy 4 Hypnosis CDs All (406 Pages) $299.00
Electronic (PDF) 4 Hypnosis MP3s All (406 Pages) $199.00
Electronic (PDF) 2 Hypnosis MP3s Ch.1-4 Only $79.00
Electronic (PDF) 2 Hypnosis MP3s Ch.5-8 Only $79.00
Electronic (PDF) 2 Hypnosis MP3s Ch.9-12 Only $79.00
Electronic (MP3s) 8 Guided MP3s No Chapters $69.00

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