Guided Cleanse


The Light Living Program Detox, A Gentle 21-Day Guided Cleanse

  • Do you want to experience vibrant energy and vitality?
  • Ready to lose weight permanently with ease?
  • Clean your liver and digestive organs?
  • Ready to prevent and reverse chronic disease?

Regular detoxification is an essential part of my health program. My clients have experienced great results from increased energy, less digestive/health issues including asthma, reduced anxiety, and a flatter stomach. Blood tests taken before and after the detox program have showed improved lab values suggesting lowered risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. I blend nutrition guidance with motivational counseling/coaching to ensure that you will experience the best cleansing. My approach is non-judgmental with room for individual adaptations. Each cleanse can be customized to your unique body chemistry and needs.

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Cleanse Products

I have developed the Light Living (TM) Paleo Cleanse program based on 20 years of research in the field. The Detox Kits include a great tasting meal replacement shake and drink mixes. You will be saving on your grocery bill, as well as eliminating costs for coffee, alcohol, pastries, etc.

Choose ONE of These Kits:

PaleoCleanse Plus 14 Day (What most choose)
PaleoCleanse Plus 21 Day (For a longer cleanse).

Option to Detox Without Shakes

Most people love the meal replacement shakes, but if you rather not do shakes, I recommend the Detox Support Packs. In each packet there are the following capsules: Amino Detox (3), LV-GB Complex (1), and Detox Antiox (1). If you choose this option, plan to spend a little more time with food prep.


Greens Products for Increasing Antioxidants and Reducing Acidity

  • Paleo Greens – unflavored – best for smoothies
  • Paleo Greens – lime – especially good when mixing with vitamin C powders such as C + Biofizz
  • Paleo Greens – mint – a fairly pleasant, refreshing taste on its own.

My Favorite Fiber Product:

PaleoFiber – berry – delicious tasting powder with 12 types of fiber plus probiotics, for weight and sugar management, and healthy bowels


  • 4 Group Conference calls with recording
  • Handouts with detailed instructions
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Professional line detox supplements recommendations (purchase separately)
  • Special rates on private nutrition counseling sessions by phone with Christine Rosche


  • What will we eat? Special detox protein shakes provide a structural corner stone to the meal plan. They are tasty and simple to make, and are formulated to support the liver’s natural metabolic pathways. In addition to shakes we will focus on mineral broths, increasing vegetables, non-gluten grains, essential fats and non-dairy products. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike will consume ample protein whether from plant sources or from animals raised in a healthy way. This is not a fasting program, nor is it a liquid diet.
  • What do I have to give up? Gradually we will reduce and/or eliminate caffeine, sugar, alcohol, non-prescription drugs, tobacco and processed foods for 21 days. We will substitute common food allergens such as gluten, dairy and soy with delicious alternatives. With group support you will be so pleased at what you can do, and thrilled with the results.
  • I can’t give up all that. Can I take smaller steps? Yes. Everyone has different diets and some people are more comfortable making changes more slowly. One participant gave up everything but 1/2 cup of coffee and still had excellent results. Another simply gave up a decades old habit of drinking 5 diet cokes a day. He experienced good health benefits. I encourage everyone to do as much as they can so they have the most benefit, but not to lock themselves out of the entire process if they feel they can only do part of the detox.
  • Will I feel bad and not be able to work? This gentle program is safe and easy to do while continuing regular activities. No laxatives or harsh herbs are used. Some people will be more experienced and others new to detoxing. It’s fine to be where you are. Perfection is not expected. Simple progress on a healthier path will show good results. Sometimes people feel a little tired or achy at first but this soon passes with the support of special detox supplements, and with relaxing lifestyle and diet suggestions.
  • Will the cleanse help me clear out old emotions? As the body eliminates toxins, a person may mirror this process on the emotional or spiritual level. I suggest that participants notice any attitudes, beliefs or emotional patterns that they would like to release. Participants are encouraged to schedule slow-down time each week to do nurturing activities. We will discuss healthy lifestyle tips such as nature connection, meditation, dry-brushing, journaling, exercise and creativity practices. This enhances the release of toxins on both physical, emotional and mental levels.

What previous detoxers said:

  • I feel fantastic and love the results of these cleanses (S.M.)
  • This is easy to do, I had high energy and lost 20 lbs. (G.L.)
  • Thank you, this program was easy to do and I still feel the results months later (P.K.)
  • My cholesterol dropped by 80 percent after this cleanse (A.B.)
  • Highly recommended for anyone who wants a jump start on their health (O.A.)