Home Study Patients


Home Study Patients

Christine Rosche,MPH,CNS has teamed up with leading physicians and health care experts to offer you the latest information on nutrition and a highly effective proven nutrition and weight loss system. This system is based on 25 years experience and has been used nationwide by medical doctors and their patients for permanent results. It is designed to help you achieve your weight-loss and health goals in the privacy of your home/office with email and telephone coaching support. We have put together an exclusive bundled offer of the LLP™ Complete Home Study System tailored to you. Sign up within the first 7 days of your referral to this course and receive a free gift CD on preventive health. You can read more about Christine here.

The Complete Home Study System Includes

  • Complete LLP™ Workbook (PDF) (406 pages, 12 module home study course).
  • Four(4) guided imagery MP3’s that complement each chapter of the LLP™ Workbook.
  • Weekly eMail support.
  • One(1) hour telephone consultation with Christine Rosche, MPH, CNS, national expert with 25 years experience in the field of integrative nutrition.
  • A $697 value is being offered exclusively FOR YOU for only $397 (you save $300).

LLP™ Special Offer: HCF LLP™ Workbook (PDF), 4 HCF Guided Imagery MP3’s, Weekly E-Mail Support, One Hour Phone Consultation. $397 (Normally $697)

LLP™ Home Study System Special Introductory Offer

Still not sure you’re ready to order the full program? Try our special introductory offer: LLP Metabolic BodyType Analysis & Customized Nutrition Plan Course (PDF), which includes Chapter 1-5 of the new, improved LLP™ Workbook as outlined above. In this introductory course you will learn the basic principle of the Light Living Program™ to optimal health and wellness. You will learn:

  • To discover your unique metabolic body type.
  • What foods are best for your unique biochemistry.
  • How to choose the foods that nourish your body to your ideal weight.
  • How to prepare quick and easy meals that taste great!


“The Metabolic Body Type Analysis and Food Plan Course was the best step I ever took toward healthy eating. It showed me how to eliminate food cravings in just four short weeks by following the eating plan that is right for my unique body type and biochemistry. My energy levels are improved and I feel great!”
Susan Hansen, Portola Valley, California

“I had tried so many diets and programs, I was very skeptical when I came to you. The introductory metabolic body type course helped me to see quickly that I was eating the wrong foods for my body type. As I corrected this, to my surprise, within a few weeks my cravings went away, I lost 10 pounds and feel better than ever! Thank you for this short course that helped me to feel confident that this approach works for me.”
Janet Cayhill, Palo Alto, CA

You can order the LLP Metabolic BodyType Analysis & Customized Nutrition Plan Course in PDF below.

LLP Metabolic BodyType Analysis & Customized Nutrition Plan Course (PDF). $69